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Fashion Photography can be a very lucrative and exciting job should you choose to pursue it. Working with fashion models and top magazines can be an exciting lure to the new fashion photographer but it is his or her job to bring out the character or personality of the model through the style and tone of the photograph. If you like taking beautiful portraits of people, then fashion photography may be your medium. Here are a few thoughts you may want to consider before delving into the world of fashion photography.

First you must obtain a camera and learn how to use it. I love using Nikon cameras. Start building your portfolio. You can work with friends who have model potential or join a modeling community on the web. Use your creativity to explore different styles of lighting, styling, prop placement and model posing. In the beginning you will more than likely be responsible for coordinating all of this yourself. Once you have created a body of work narrow the pictures down to about fifteen to twenty of your best images.

Get a fashion photography website. The great advantage of having a website over a portfolio is that you can upload hundreds of pics to share with your clients.

Getting out and networking is an important part of this industry and you will need to meet the people in charge of marketing at your regional fashion houses and other fashion photography professionals. Become friendly with the account executives at local advertising agencies. They hold the keys to the fashion kingdom in terms of hiring you directly for commercial photography assignments. Send your work into fashion magazines and build connections with Los Angeles and New York modeling agencies. Remember the new face models of today are tomorrows superstars so try and work with as many interesting models as you can and develop professional relationships with them. Networking is a crucial part of this business.

Becoming a successful fashion photographer is no easy task. In today's digital market there are tons of people calling themselves Los Angeles fashion photographers or New York fashion photographers. Keep in mind it is your individual style that will seperate you from the crowd. Develop it and enjoy the fashion photography path.

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Robert Voltaire's work has appeared in Vanity Fair,
Vogue, Photo, Cosmopolitan, GQ and many other publications. He is available
for small and large commercial fashion photography assignments. His favorite equipment to use are
Nikon and Hasselblad cameras and he prefers to light with Profoto. While
shooting he works with the best talent including: wardrobe stylists, pr firms,
fashion designers,art directors, makeup artists and fashion models. Model
agencies include: Ford Models, Elite Model Management,Next Models, Click Models,
and other modeling agencies who provide top celebrity and model talent for his
varied assignments. He regularly works with actors, musicians and entertainment
professionals to produce heashots and images for their press kits and
promotional use. He produces portrait and fashion photography workshops in his
Los Angeles fashion photographers studio and abroad.


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